Thursday, December 4, 2008

A headache woke me up at 3 AM. I should have seen that this was an omen of  what the sunrise was to bring. My daughter had a sore throat that I could see in her eyes when she woke up and she managed to get dressed and get her ipod perfectly fixed inside her jacket but at the moment of take off from the carport she realized that SHE COULDN'T FIND HER BOOK BAG. Well what is the use of going to school without a book bag? She was left at home and not without a great deal of hysteria. I found her bag at my school right where she had left it the day before. She really does feel bad and I envied her day off. Probably at the same time all of this was happening, some where in America a truck driver lost control of his truck and lost his load of pigs. According to the news report, no pigs, nor the driver was injured. However, the pigs ran lose everywhere and took quite a while to corral.  I am certain that his, or her, day started off worse than mine or Mary's.

I enjoyed wine and pizza for supper and wondered when that Christmas tree was gonna come down from the attic. My sinuses are bothering me much too badly for ME to climb  into that dusty attic to get it. Also I really need to have the whole house cleaned and my life in perfect order and all those socks in the laundry room matched up before I can decorate the perfect tree. I wish I could spend every Christmas in Disney World where everything is neat and tidy and perfectly decorated. It also can snow and no one has to drive in it.  And for about 12 dollars you can buy a mug that will get you unlimited refills of hot chocolate. You can drink 'til you're shaky. It is great just thinking about it.

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Katri said...

I too am waiting till I get my house in order before I drag down the 'ole tree. But then the house will again be in chaos. What to do, what not to do? That's my question.
I love that you're a blogger!